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Workshop Services

We know how valuable and personal your guitar is to you, thats why our workshop only uses the highest quality parts and replacements, and all repairs are carried out to the highest standards. 


Guitar Servicing and Setups

A service and setup can do wonders for your guitars playability. We can do a simple clean and restring to a complete strip down and rebuild of your guitar. And however you play, or whatever your style we can setup your guitar accordingly to your specification.

Guitar Repairs

Even the most dramatic of breakages can usually be repaired, broken necks, holes in hollow bodies have all been seamlessly repaired here at Guitar Studio, so seek our advice before replacing your beloved instrument. We will always assess and advise before carrying out anywork. 

Guitar Customisation

Want to make your guitar look and sound unique? We offer a range of replacement parts to make your guitar's looks and tone stand out from the crowd. We sell and install replacement pickups, tuning pegs, bridges, and just about any other guitar part that can be changed. The combinations are endless.

We have over 5000 spare parts in stock from quality brands such as Gibson, Schaller, Grover, Switchcraft and Kluson. We also supply and install pickups from Seymour Duncon, Bareknuckle, Di Marzio and EMG, to name just a few. 

Not sure where to begin, or how to get the guitar you want? We are always happy to advise so please give us a call 01386 861873 or visit our shop. 

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Customer comments:

"My 2004 lefty PRS 22 has been transformed with Lance's pro-quality set up. It felt a bit mechanical before he worked his magic, now it is a joy to play!Highly recommend you try this service, as it is worth every penny."
Steve Small 
"Apart from stumbling across the two finest guitars in my collection at the Guitar Studio, Lance has breathed new life into a succession of my acoustics and electrics and also showed his ingenuity and skill when confronted with replacing the machine heads on an extremely rare old (East) German asymmetrical Thuringian Forest cittern and repairing the neck of a Puerto Rican cuatro." Brian Harrison